A Containers Journey

A Hatchpad Huddle in partnership with Black Code Collective

Wednesday, March 10, 9:00AM – 10:00AM EST

Join the engineering community for a virtual round table about the benefits of containers, from the prototyping phase and beyond.

“Just containerize it and you get all the benefits.”

But what does that mean? What is a container? What are the benefits? How do I get those benefits? In this talk, Brandon Coates, Sr Cloud Security Engineer at Verizon Media, will explain the benefits of containers from the prototyping phase all the way up to having an application or service that can globally scale.

About the Speaker:

Brandon Coates has over a decade of experience in technology spanning from government to private, on premise to the cloud, and legacy to the newest technology. In his current role he defends corporate enterprise cloud infrastructure and has been exploring defending containers and the infrastructure they utilize. In the “before times,” Brandon enjoyed exploring different neighborhoods in the Washington, DC area and the food stuffs they offered. Currently, he thinks of new mini projects that can be completed in the house and tests the limits to the amount of movies and TV that can be consumed daily.


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