An Engineered Approach to Influencing Others | Hatchpad Huddle

Thursday, January 7, 12:00PM – 1:00PM EST

Join the engineering community for a virtual round table about learning to be an influencer in the workplace. 

Influencing others comes naturally for some and not for others. Why? A quick Google search will show you 100s of books (and far more sites), all with advice that largely boils down to being an extrovert and embracing conflict. Yet there are plenty of successfully influential people who don’t fit these descriptors. So what sets them apart?

In this talk, Michael Starr, Director and Product Owner of Secure Edge at Fortinet, will share an easy to follow method that will empower technical professionals to become reliable influencers in a way that’s complementary to their personality.

About the Speaker:

Michael Starr is a cross-functional leader with experience building and launching products in new and disruptive markets. After years of experience as an infrastructure engineer, Mike has become a galvanizing force in the dev community. He’s passionate about sharing his knowledge with others and empowering them to make the best choice for their company.

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