Beyond Makefiles | Hatchpad Huddle

Wednesday, December 9, 9:00AM – 10:00AM EST

Join the engineering community for a virtual round table about using Zim for Fast Builds of Go, Python, and NodeJS Services.

While building a large serverless application, the engineering team at Fugue was dealing with slow and difficult to maintain builds. Their Makefile-driven approach was not scaling well and they either needed to double down on Make or take a new approach. Fast-forward about a year and their team is now leveraging Zim, an open source build tool and job runner written in Go. In this talk, Curtis Myzie, VP of Engineering at Fugue, will walk through the modern, caching build tools and how they can be used to boost productivity across an entire development team. He’ll also provide a look inside Zim and talk about directed graphs, job scheduling, and using Viper to create highly configurable CLIs.

About the Speaker:

Curtis Myzie has been writing Go since 2013 for applications involving embedded audio devices, simulated air traffic control, and cloud security. Currently he is VP of Engineering at Fugue, where the engineering team is building a SaaS application on AWS that helps engineers secure their cloud infrastructure.

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