Give Candidates an Inside Look at Your Technical Team

Join 150+ startups that use their hatchpad page to educate candidates about their product and technical culture.


What is hatchpad?

Hatchpad is the community for startup technologist career growth. We help product, data, and engineering folks at startups navigate their unique career ladder and challenges.


What is a “startup page”?

A hatchpad startup page is a white-labeled landing page that startups use to educate technical candidates about their product, tech stack, structure, and culture.


What are the advantages of creating a startup page?

In short: shorter recruiting cycles for technical candidates.

1. Vet out bad matches from the start. The information on your startup page will help educate the candidate on whether your startup is a good match for them.

2. Save time screening candidates. By presenting information about your product and culture up front, you can avoid answering basic questions on an initial screen and get better follow-up questions from the candidate.


What is included on my hatchpad page?

Your page highlights things that technologists value in their next employer such as:

– Company Stability (Funding, Technical Leadership, etc.)

– Company Mission (Product Description, Mission Statement, etc.)

– Company Culture (Perks and Benefits, DEI policy, etc.)

– How You Build (Tech Stack, How Teams Work Together, etc.)

Here is an example of what your hatchpad page could look like.

We also offer a Pro version of hatchpad pages which includes our video package.


What is hatchpad pro?

Hatchpad Pro is our premium version of hatchpad pages that includes a video section that highlights members of your technical team answering questions like:

– What does your product do? (In simple terms)

– How does your team handle technical debt?

– How does your team encourage continuous learning?

The interviews with up-to 3 members of your technical team will be packaged into short videos that are added to your hatchpad page and are also sent to you for use on your own website or social media platforms. All hatchpad content is your property and you can ask us to pull or add information at any time.

Here is an example of what your hatchpad pro page could look like.


What is the cost of creating a hatchpad page?

The only cost for creating a hatchpad page is for those that opt into our Pro package with the video package. The Pro package is a one-time fee of $1,000. There are no additional costs unless you want us to record and publish a video with an additional member of your technical team. (For example, if you have a change in technical leadership or one of the interviewees leaves your company.)


What types of startups are eligible to create a hatchpad page?

Ideal hatchpad startups:

– Are product focused (no service businesses or consultancies please)

– Have received funding (not a lifestyle business or products that haven’t found PMF)

– Work with innovative or disruptive technology

– Are poised for high growth