How to Get Featured on Hatchpad

So you’re interested in contributing to the hatchpad community – that’s great news! We’re here to help. There are a lot of great ways to use hatchpad to connect with the local DC, MD, VA tech startup community, whether you’re a founder, executive, or engineer.

hatchpad is the brainchild of Tim Winkler, founder and CEO of DC-based startup hatch IT, but you don’t need to work with hatch IT to join the community or get featured on hatchpad.

Projects and Startups

We have sections for both projects and startups.

Projects can be almost anything you’re building that you want to share with the DC tech community. Check out the projects on our community page for examples. You don’t have to have a complete product. Many of our current projects link to github repositories. Sharing a project on hatchpad is great way to get new users, testers, or contributors.

Startups on hatchpad can be at different stages of funding and growth. What’s important is that you’re building something innovative and exciting in the DC metro area. Work for a startup or know someone who does? Let them know about hatchpad. The more startups are on here, the better our tech stack search tool becomes.

To feature your startup on hatchpad, complete this form.

You can also email with the following details:

  • Name and tagline of project/product/startup
  • Year founded/started
  • location/address (can be for an office, coworking space, or just DC, MD, VA, or Baltimore general region)
  • Are you the sole author/creator or is there a company or co-creators that the project/product/startup should be attributed to?
  • What stage is the project/product/startup at? (personal project / side-project, small team project, seeking funding, funded startup…)
  • What is your career title?
  • What links would you like to share? Github, LinkedIn, Behance, website, app, etc.
  • Describe the project/product/startup. What does it do and how you built it. 1-2 paragraphs. If this is for a startup, please share your story and anything that makes your company unique.
  • Are you looking for contributors, feedback, testers, or new users?
  • What are the primary programming language(s) you built or are building this project with?
  • Do you have a headshot or profile pic we can include?
    Do you have 1-3 images we can use: screenshots, mockups, designs, or even you working on it?
  • Finally, please let us know if you are interested in any other areas of the hatchpad, such as Insights (advice and commentary on programming and local trends) or Events (speak, sponsor, host in person or online).

Insights and Interviews

Our hatchpad Insights are curated from interviews with local tech leaders and exclusive data on local trends. If you’d like to be interviewed for hatchpad, or have a piece you’d like to share, email us at Please include:

  • topic you’d like to discuss
  • availability for a phone interview

Find Volunteers for a Nonprofit or Open Source Project

We hope to build a one-stop resource for software engineers, developers, and coders in the DC metro area to find opportunities to mentor students or support nonprofits in tech. If you have a volunteer opportunity or nonprofit you’d like to feature on hatchpad, email us at


Become a speaker, sponsor, or host. Or, find one for your event.

We help organize a number of Meetup events in the DC area. If you’re an event organizer, or you’d like to be, email us at and let us know.


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