Senior Software Engineer- Backend

Company: JupiterOne
Company Headquarters: Raleigh, NC
Work Policy: Fully Remote
Salary: $140,000-$180,000
Stock/Equity Eligibility: Available

Job Description

Hatch I.T. is partnering with JupiterOne to find a Senior Backend Engineer, see details below:

As a Senior Software Engineer, you will be responsible for writing code, sharing knowledge, and delegating work. You will be expected to mentor junior engineers and be a multiplier. You must be able to communicate effectively with both fellow engineers and product owners. You will be expected to provide architectural and code review feedback. You will also be expected to document and promote best practices. Jupiterone is looking for developers that have experience building scalable systems that are used by thousands of users. You will use your experience shipping production code to help other developers make informed and forward looking decisions.

At JupiterOne, they empower developers to also be QA engineers and DevOps engineers. This means that developers write application code, write automated tests, and own the infrastructure code. They also encourage developers to maintain experience across the full stack. They value diverse backend and frontend development experience. They value developers that strive to stay informed about all aspects of software development and are not afraid to step outside their comfort zone.


Key qualifications
    • 5+ years of professional software engineering experience
    • Able to write concise and meaningful tests (developers are also QA engineers!)
    • Understands Infrastructure as Code (no pointing and clicking to deploy a database!)
    • Experience with AWS services and best practices
    • Experience building production-quality applications with TypeScript/JavaScript and Node.js
    • Exposure to multiple programming languages during professional career
    • Able to communicate complex concepts clearly and accurately
    • Exposure to multiple data store technologies (relational databases, NoSQL databases, graph databases, full text search databases, distributed caches, etc.)
    • Experience working with distributed messaging, queues, and streams
    • Experience building REST and/or GraphQL APIs
    • Hands-on experience with backend development

Desired qualifications
    • Experience working with graph databases
    • Experience working with microservices
    • Experience with DevOps automation and Infrastructure as Code with tools like Terrafom or CloudFormation
    • Experience with full stack development
    • Contributed to open source projects (feature development, documentation, bug fixes, reporting bugs, etc.)
    • Willing to explore new approaches to solving problems and challenging the status quo
    • Eager to improve processes via automation


Tech Stack


  • Node.JS

Interview Process

  • Follow up with hiring managers via slack
  • Phone screen – 45 min
  • Sent Coding exercise – have 24 hrs to work on it (3-4 hrs most likely)
  • Panel interview – 3 hrs (2 developers in three sections)
  • Jupiterone makes verbal offer

Location Description:

Preferred Locations:

1.North Carolina,

2. Salt Lake City, Utah

3. Wisconsin/Oregon

Company Culture

Visit the company's startup page to learn more about their mission, culture, perks & benefits, diversity & inclusion initiatives, and more...