Tagnet: A Digital Drawer to Store Your Assets

Organizing your digital assets should be easy. Between bookmark managers, to-do lists, note-taking apps, and GitHub repositories, there’s definitely no shortage of options. But for me, nothing seemed to click and actually get used. These options seemed more like busy-work than actual tools that streamlined my day. To make it worse, any time I bought a new computer or phone, I’d risk losing all my settings and have to set everything up from scratch.

What I needed was a digital junk drawer: a place where I can drop all my assorted “stuff” and rest easy knowing my smorgasbord of tools and files would be waiting for me.

That’s exactly what Tagnet is working on. Tagnet is a simple, cloud-based storage unit that even has its own built-in search engine, so it’s less like a junk drawer and more like a storage silo. You can rest easy knowing your digital assets are secure.


Are you looking for contributors, feedback, testers, or new users?

I am looking for feedback however the product is still a long ways off. Always open to partnerships should the idea interest you.

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About the Engineer

Kris’s idea of Tagnet.io came about from years of working as a designer and software engineer and essentially holding a professional digital life since the turn of the century.

Over the years, he has worked with countless tools to organize his digital stuff. Very few tools last… bookmark managers, todo list apps, note-taking apps, GitHub repositories you name it, they all come and go. Further, every time Kris switched computers or made some upgrade, he’d risk losing those settings. It often felt like too much work to recover, so he would start anew and relive the whole cycle with every new job and every new computer. To this day, Kris still uses one of the 5 browsers, switches between bookmark managers, and never find what he’s looking for. He uses Jira for task management, but only at his job (and don’t even ask about notes).

What Kris needed was a place to put all his digital stuff like the junk drawer we all have at home. That junk drawer might hold a screwdriver, flashlight, batteries, tacks, string; it could be anything! But nine times out of ten, you find what you are looking for in there. Inside the junk drawer, somewhere, is buried that one thing you thought you might need but had no place to put or maybe was just too lazy to put it someplace proper.

Tagnet is working to provide a place to put and find all your digital stuff. A junk drawer for your digital life, even a search engine, but for all your own data.

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Kris Steigerwald
Senior iOS Engineer

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