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My application tracker was born out of needing to keep track of my job searches and maintain my sanity. Since I was laid off, I found myself applying to more and more jobs with increasing frequency. I needed a way to keep track of which companies I applied to and the status of these applications, in an interface where it’s easier to see all applications and their status at once. I went through several iterations of data tracking. First, I tried setting up specific email folders and moving application emails into those folders. Then, I tried using a spreadsheet to keep track of my applications. Both of these had pros and cons but just wasn’t what I wanted. Then, I had an epiphany: why not create my own tracker? Thus, Application Tracker was born.

With this app, at a quick glance, I can see where I have applied and the current status of my applications. I also created it with simplicity in mind when adding a new job application, as well as updating any existing data. Since it is saving the data in local storage, it makes it easy for you to track the data on your own system, and have control of the saved data. I built the app using ReactJS with CSS for the design and animations.

I would be interested in any user feedback and contributions to the project.  It was designed as a simple project to assist me, and I would be happy to know someone else found use out of it as well and would love to see it grow and improve.

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Paul is a self-taught, moonlighting engineer who can be found tinkering with code or one of his numerous Arduino or raspberry-pis when he is not working as a retail manager. He is currently looking to break into web development as a junior and available for anyone looking for a well-rounded, quick learner who is creative and eclectic.

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Paul Carlson
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