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Axum Graphics was founded in 2016 to make 3D animation tools for storytellers. The founders started the company because they saw a gap in the market for tools geared at people who did not have 3D expertise. They created the Axum Glove project that would empower these individuals to start using 3D tools. Axum Glove is really focused on user views and the idea of puppetry through motion capture in the browser. The tools work on any browser and any device, in the hopes of making the medium more accessible to everyone. The minimalist design takes away the need for traditional 3D tools which require a lot of computing power that not everyone has the resources for. All you need is a webcam, your hand, and mic to create an animated film. Axum Glove essentially takes care of all the complicated computing to make the user experience is as simple as possible.

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Micah and Gareth are a couple who combined their different disciplines to create Axum Graphics. Micah was a writer with a focus in Africa and African Diaspora studies. She then went on to become a new media artist after studying new media at California College of the Arts. She brought her background in storytelling with her as she worked with galleries and cultural institutions to bridge the gap between storytelling and technology. Micah went on to work with a software company that did exactly that, and soon after she met Gareth. Gareth has a background in game programming and 3D rendering, which allowed the couple to dive deeper into the world of storytelling through 3D technology. Axum Graphics originated in San Fransisco, but the couple moved to the DC area last year and has been apart of several communities for animators and programmers.

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Micah Morgan, Gareth Morgan
Chief Creative Officer, CEO

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