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Connect with people and offers near me.

Clava is a new social media app that is focused on helping people feel more connected to their surrounding community. We do this by providing users with location-based chatrooms to join and  with local announcements from companies in the users area, these announcements relate to exclusive promotions.

When a user opens Clava they’re greeted by a map of their current location. They can scan the map to join chatrooms around them, allowing them to chat with people & businesses in that specific location.

If users are looking for things to do/promotions in their area they can navigate to their announcements page to view the active announcements in their community. If a user wants to learn more about a specific announcement they can tap it and Clava will send them right in to that businesses chatroom where they can then learn more about that announcement.



Are you looking for contributors, feedback, testers, or new users?

Our team is focused on building a user base inside of the app and would appreciate any type of feedback. We’re also allowing any type of business to create their own announcements inside Clava for FREE. If you’re interested in promoting your brand, please email us.

If you’re a developer that is interested in joining our team/helping out please don’t hesitate to reach out.

For all inquiries please email:

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AJ Picard
Entrepreneur + UI/UX Designer

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