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With the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a lot of information about how each state is responding to it in terms of the number of cases going up and down but I wanted to see the data on a more local level. For example, if you live in New York State, New York City might be a big issue in terms of cases, but if you live in Ithaca it’s not as big of a concern.

I had a problem with sourcing the local data, but after some Google searching, I found that the New York Times was releasing daily case updates on a county level. Given that I was able to write a script together to parse that data and see the trends.

I wanted to share this info with my Father but he’s not as tech-savvy and having him run the script on his computer would be a big pain. So I decided that I would build a website to make it easy for him to use.

One thing I wanted to see that wasn’t apparent on many different web visualizations was the number of confirmed cases using a logarithmic graph. When you see a graph the number of cases will be steadily rising but you can’t tell if the rate is increasing or decreasing. With a log graph, you can see if the rate of cases is starting to stabilize the graph will flatten out. I also wanted to see the daily case rates so I also added that graph to the site.

I had originally used Python for the backend of the app, but recently I was able to remove Python from the tech stack so now it is just a React app. Instead of talking to a backend, the app pulls data directly from the New York Times Github repo and parses it from there.

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Tim went to school at Cornell in Ithaca, New York, and after graduation moved into Virginia to work at Amazon Web Services (AWS). There he discovered his passion for full stack development and joined StoryBlocks, a startup in Arlington, Virginia. He later rejoined AWS and is a full stack developer located in Arlington, Virginia.

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