Grimoire: A Technical Blog

Grimoire is a new blogging platform built for technical blogging that allows writers to embed data, graphs, APIs (application programming interface), and more without any coding. Grimoire is powered by Streamlit which is an open-source framework that enables powerful interactions. With Grimoire, bloggers write using Markdown and have the ability to add spells(embeds) such as pandas data frames or interactive graphs.


Feel free to reach out to provide feedback on finding any pain points in user workflow or if you are interested in being a contributor!


Banjo Obayomi

Banjo is a Senior Research Engineer at Two Six Labs, where he develops platform solutions for productizing various researched-based projects. Banjo is passionate about operationalizing data aka DataOps and has started a podcast and meetup around data.

This project started as he was writing articles and found it annoying that he had to keep taking screenshots of cool graphs to embed in my articles. From there it dawned on Banjo that most blogging editors are meant only to share static content like text and images. From there, he began to build a new platform that caters to building data-centric blogging.

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