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About Here With Me

Here With Me matches women in the tech industry to other women who have had similar experiences and want to listen. The app pairs women for a ~30 min voice or video chat. The goal of this project is to provide 1-on-1, private, instant interactions with another human being who can empathize with your situation.

The initial pilot of HereWithMe is targeted specifically towards women, but the ultimate goal of this project is to provide a platform to connect anyone who is marginalized in STEM, for any reason.

What languages were used to create this project?

Typescript (stack is react, react native, firebase, Tailwindcss)

Do you have any requests for the hatchpad community?

I would love it if any users who qualify would sign up for the pilot. Feedback is also greatly appreciated, as is advice for gaining exposure, etc…


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About the Engineer

About Jessica

“I am currently a Tech Lead, looking to get into engineering management or start my own company, whichever comes first! I switched careers about 7 years ago, from teaching preschoolers with special needs.”

“I was inspired to make HereWithMe based on my experience as a woman in the tech industry. Throughout my career, I’ve struggled with opposition to my fight for diversity and inclusion. My husband, also a software engineer, recently connected me with some of his more-experienced-than-me fellow woman engineers and I found it really cathartic to hop on a video call and trade stories with them.”

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Jessica Solka

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