Nookazon (Animal Crossing Marketplace)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has surged in popularity during quarantine.

While playing the game, Daniel Luu noticed the difficulty in making in-game trades. Most people were using Animal Crossing Discord chats to list and negotiate trades. Daniel saw an opportunity to aggregate all this information into a marketplace.

So he created Nookazon.

Nookazon is an Amazon-style marketplace that enables users to list and look through inventory of in-game items.

The website has surged to 350,000 daily active users and over 27 million listings.

Sellers determine the price for their listings. Given the rapid fluctuation of the in-game currency, the Nookazon team has created an average pricing system so buyers are aware of what a reasonable price for the item is.

They have also introduced a chat feature within the marketplace to make transactions easier.

The team currently consists of three developers and around 50 volunteer moderators that are vetted to ensure the integrity of the community and platform.

“I’ve made a lot of apps before, but handling this kind of volume — I’ve never had to do that before,” Luu said. “And so I had to learn a lot from the database standpoint and then that made the site much faster.”

Nookazon was primarily built using React, Node.JS, and Postgres.

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About the Engineer

Daniel Luu is a Senior Software Engineer based in the DC area.

Daniel is a creator, often working on projects and new videos for his Youtube channel.

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Daniel Luu
Senior Software Engineer

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