Otto is an intelligent chat application and a WINNER of the Facebook AI Hackathon! The app makes machine learning an intuitive, natural language experience, helping aspiring ML engineers go from idea to implementation with minimal technical knowledge.

✭✭ Highlights ✭✭

  • Beginner-friendly design: Users simply describe their end goals to obtain recommendations, or choose from sample datasets to harness our models.
  • Powerful machine learning tools: A range of ML capabilities are supported, including models for regression, classification, and natural language processing. Play with neural networks, explore data visualizations, and generate ready-made Python code right in your browser! Supports Scikit-learn, TensorFlow Keras, and WitAI libraries.
  • Educational experience: Users are walked through each stage of the process, with Otto explaining terminology when needed. Annotated code blocks provide a high-level understanding of their end-to-end pipeline.

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Tech Stack

  • Python

About the Engineer

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Kartik Chugh

I love to bring new ideas to life with code. ✨ I am an aspiring software engineer with a true passion for inventive designs that simplify the complex, and a desire to explore the deeply interesting. I build high-level Java frameworks for deep learning, game design, and natural language understanding; award-winning web & mobile applications; powerful visualization tools for machine learning, and more!


Sanuj Bhatia

I am a software engineer at Facebook who loves building interactive React-based applications. I strive to create software that achieves real impact in the world.




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Kartik Chugh and Sanuj Bhatia

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