Pinterest Clone

A clone of the Pinterest application done on a basic level for educational and exploratory purposes. The project is front-end weighted using custom webpack configuration to setup a React application for development and using sass for styling on a component basis. A combination of JavaScript and sass is used to produce responsive images for different screen sizes, while an external masonry library is imported as a React component to approximate a pinterest-like layout of the pins. The back end consists of a basic Node/Express/mongoDB configuration to accommodate third-party authentication and CRUD of the pins.

Tech Stack

About the Engineer

Dereje Getahun is a formally trained Mechanical Engineer, currency trader, self-taught full stack web developer, and life-long learner living in Washington, DC.

While he’s primarily focused on finding web development solutions using the MERN stack, he would also love to expand this focus and integrate it into areas of machine learning and data science in the future.

Want to contribute to this project? Connect with Dereje on GitHub or LinkedIn to learn more!

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Dereje Getahun
Cloud Software Engineer

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