Reactive Form Data Handling Framework

At its core, rx-form-data turns an HTML form object into a stream of events generated by an end user’s interaction with the form. It provides a reactive, selective, and flexible way to compute form values. Form errors can be derived in a declarative manner through HTML5 validation and/or custom decoders. It is designed to work nicely with both vanilla JS and frontend frameworks. Every single line of the codebase is written in Typescript with a strong emphasis on type specificity (not a single ‘any’ type declaration… if you happen to find one, let me know!)

As an OS project, contributions are welcome. Any constructive feedback will be appreciated. I am always interested in collaborating/contributing to projects (at any stage), please feel free to reach out to him if you (person or a team) are interested in working together.

Ahmed Tadde

Ahmed is currently a software engineer working at RAINN. He studied Mathematics and Economics back in college. He got into programming through some intro level CS classes and working on projects that required some mathematical modeling. Eventually, Ahmed transitioned from doing ETL and data engineering to software development and now he has worked as a full-stack developer for the past 3 years.

Forms are everywhere and handling them can be a hassle, especially when you want to build something that goes beyond the usual trivial stuff. Based on past (wanting) experiences with several form libraries, Ahmed decided to build a form library that is event-driven, minimal, practical, adaptable, tiny, and “headless”. “Headless” in the sense that it does not have a presentation/view layer API; ergo, it can be used with any front-end framework or just vanilla JS. The end result of that goal is the rx-form-data library.