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Can you describe your project?

The front end is a React application using Lamda in the background to do fetching of the data and then storing it into Firebase. It collects the data from VDOT and they have an API that I used.

The reason I made it was that VDOT’s website for checking tolls isn’t mobile-friendly at all. It takes a lot of clicks to actually get your toll. My assumption is that people use this toll app when they drive because they want to know whether or not to take the toll road. Because it didn’t work for me I assumed it didn’t work for a lot of people.


Tech Stack

About the Engineer

Sepehr Sobhani is a Full Stack Web Developer who is now working as a Senior Frontend Developer at Axios. Sepehr specializes in React, Javascript, and GraphQL.


Can you tell us your background and how you got into what you’re doing now?

I got into coding in the second year of college very randomly. I wasn’t planning on going into development but when I took my first class I really liked it. From there I did a lot of side work in college. I worked with this non-profit, did a lot of development, and learned a lot more than in my classes. From there I got internships at government contractors and now I’m at Axios.

I’d definitely say side work is the most important thing. I honestly think so, definitely more so than anything I learned in college.


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Sepehr Sobhani
Full Stack Web Developer

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