Strongweek App HomescreenMost To-Do List Apps and Planners require assigning a date to each task. Sometimes they even make you set a time. Like you know exactly where you’ll be at 4:37 p.m. next Tuesday? Come on!

Strongweek let’s you quickly assign tasks to intuitive categories like “Next Week” instead. You’ll be able to see your tasks for next week at a glance. When next week rolls around, your “next week” tasks will become “this week.”

Need to buy a birthday present sometime next month? Just write it down and tap “next month.”

Check Today whenever you’re ready to work on your To Do list. That’s where your highest priority tasks will be. Don’t have anything in Today? Get a head start on Tomorrow or check This Week. For the best results, make it a habit to check Today every day.

Rethinking the Productivity App

Not ready to work on something yet? Toss it back into This Month or wherever feels right. Completed a task? When you mark a task complete, it will remain in the list until the relevant period is over. Then it will move to the Completed list at the buttom of your home screen. 

Tech Stack

About the Engineer

Chris is a UX writer and marketing strategist. Five years ago, he realized he needed a way to prioritize his to-do list. He had hundreds of tasks an no easy way to tell which was most urgent. After trying every app in the app store, he realized they were all basically the same. If he wanted a to-do list like Strongweek, he’d have to make it himself.

Why Chris decided to create Strongweek.

How Chris created Strongweek.

Andrew is a freelance software developer with a bachelors in electrical engineering and a knack for figuring out how to make things work. He’s also the owner and founder of Roanwell Services LLC.

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Christopher Mills and Andrew Roanwell
Marketing Strategy and App Development

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