Wave Snippets

Wave Snippets lets you create beautiful, animated snippets of your code to help you illustrate complex concepts through motion. It allows you to create a series of code steps and describe the code as you go. Once you’re finished, a high quality gif and video file is delivered straight to your inbox for you to share with the world!
This project is open-sourced if you’d like to collaborate or add a feature: https://github.com/mwood23/wave-snippets

Tech Stack

About the Engineer

I’m a JavaScript software engineer focused on building products using Typescript, React, and GraphQL. I’ve built and delivered solutions for some of the largest companies in the world.

I built this project to make it easier to share complex concepts on social media. There are options out there to make code snippets look good, but nothing that let you illustrate complex topics through motion. I’m a visual learner so being able to step through line by line helps me.

I’m always building something. If you’d like to check out my other products or subscribe to my blog you can find it here!


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Marcus Wood
JavaScript Software Engineer

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