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If you’ve ever been in a classroom situation where you need to assess student progress while increasing their confidence and giving them instantaneous feedback, Intergalactic Education has a solution for you. They’ve developed a suite of video games that engages students with expertly crafted animations, encourages them with instantaneous feedback, amuses them with their own failures, and excites them with new questions and rewarding levels of gameplay.

Mapped to Common Core, you can use these games knowing that you’re meeting your students in a way that is also aligned with your curriculum. Their premium score reports allow you to quickly track student progress in varying levels of detail, enabling targeted intervention to help you keep your students on the same page. With their software automating problem creation, student engagement and grading, all you’ll need to do is help your students set up their account and login to check their progress.


Space World™ is a story about the engineering jobs being created and the role that religion will play as mankind colonizes the cosmos. Intergalactic Education uses gamification to teach this generation of young adults another type of STEM: strategy, theology, empathy, and multimedia. The idea is to show young adults a pathway to success and to spread a unique vision of a future; one in which humanity returns to the moon, utilizes the resources of the solar system, and solves global warming by terraforming Venus and Mars.




















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