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Radius Networks was founded in 2011. They are focused on helping businesses locate, engage, and transact with their customers for order delivery, messaging, and tracking. Their technology provides:

Reduced Friction

Take away the guesswork and stress by simplifying the customer and employee experience. Easily implement their technology to automate manual processes and watch sales increase, customer satisfaction skyrocket, and employee efficiency improve drastically.

Personalized Customer Experience

Customize the entire customer journey, from start to finish, leaving them eager to return.

True Accuracy

Let employees know exactly when customers are on their way, nearby, on the property, and in-store.

Data-driven Results

With their robust analytics, you can track customer wait time, location data, trip origination, heat map by hour by day, daily usage, activity metrics, trend reports, and more.

Today, Radius Networks is the global leader in location technology solutions. Their wireless-enabled tableside and curbside platforms are utilized globally and span multiple industries and markets such as restaurants, hotels, gaming, grocery stores, and retail. They build all technology in-house and currently have 34 patents and serve some of the world’s largest brands in over 35,000 locations across 52 countries.




Radius Networks uses proprietary location technology to help companies deliver a frictionless customer experience and drive location-based transactions. Their FlyBuy location platform includes:
  • FlyBuy Pickup for optimizing customer curbside and in-store pickup
  • FlyBuy Tableside to improve the speed of ordering and service in-store
  • FlyBuy Pay to conduct contactless payments and streamline the checkout and payment process
  • FlyBuy Drive-Thru for automating mobile identification, loyalty and pickup in the drive-thru process

Check out a brief overview of FlyBuy Pickup:


COVID Location Update: The team is currently all working remote, and doing so successfully! They don’t have a plan in place for returning to the office for the foreseeable future. They’d still like to build the team out of the DC area headquarters but are open to remote employees if there’s a great fit!

Radius Networks is located at the heart of Georgetown in Washington DC. It is near “The Powerhouse”, an iconic building built in 1917 with a 150′ smokestack overlooking the canal.

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Radius Networks was named Repeat Inc 500 and Deloitte Fast 500 Fastest Growing Company Winner.


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