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Greater DC Metro (DMV)
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Stor.Guru is produced by Zingler & Associates, Inc. A father and son duo with over 40 years of software development experience. Over that period they have worked in a variety of industries including military radar and missile programs, commercial and private airline communications, and mobile app & website development for the touring industry. They take pride in creating useful software that helps people and makes their lives easier.

How have they adapted to COVID? 

Due to the timing of COVID, the Stor.Guru founding team has not been seriously impacted. COVID has opened opportunities for their product to aid in virtual organizing sessions provided by professional organizers. The professional organizer industry was halted by COVID but has adapted by creating “virtual organizing” where professional organizers meet with clients to discuss organizing tactics for areas in their home. Stor.Guru provides a way for professional organizers to interact with the client’s items by adding information and or tags to help group items together. It also offers the professional organizer a way to suggest organizing changes to the client.


Stor.Guru is a Personal Home inventory System that uses unique QR code labels and your phone’s camera to track items in your home. Stor.Guru connects users on an account in real time so that multiple people can collaborate and tackle an organizing/tidying job together. Since organizing data is synced, the benefits to all users on the account are compounded by each user who contributes. Stor.Guru offers a growing number of benefits to its users which include searching for items that have been stored, grouping similar items together with tags, and an unlimited number of photos for an item. Additional features include data exporting and reports for Home Insurance. Offline capabilities for organizing areas in poor network connectivity such as Self-Storage Units, RV’s, and remote Cabins or second homes. Also, Stor.Guru offers 3rd party marketplace listings on platforms like Mercari, Craigslist, FreeCycle, and LetGo, for unused or unwanted items. Stor.Guru is the solution for attic, basement, garage, and shed organization. With the knowledge and insight that Stor.Guru provides, you can reinvest in the things in your home and give them the attention they deserve.

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