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Founded In 2018

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TalkMeUp is an AI based software company focused on communication training. They integrate industry leading training methodologies and cutting edge AI technologies, and provide individuals and organizations with on-demand, analytical, and customizable communication training solutions, reducing training costs by over 90%.

How have they adapted to COVID?

The team is currently working remotely. They have set up simple and clear communication processes to support effective team collaboration, including routine team meetings, slack channels, and Asana task boards.


Using AI-based analytical technologies, TalkMeUp equips employees with a smart coach on their mobile devices, available 24/7. By simply speaking to the camera, users get instant feedback on their communication performance, including their delivery and content. Analyzing an employee’s learning trajectory, TalkMeUp personalizes every employee’s learning experience with an analytical, adaptive, and self-paced system. At a team level, TalkMeUp equips managers with insights on their team’s strengths and weaknesses, offering them with managerial advice to improve training and business results.

The Tech Stack:

It is a 3 tier application comprised by web based frontend + backend + AI analysis module. Website: ReactJS app (frontend) + NodeJS (backend) + MongoDB (database) AI: micro-service architecture, python, deep learning + machine learning models. Deployment: AWS (EC2 + S3 + CloudFront + ECS + Fargate + CodePipeline), Mongo Atlas.


The team is currently working remotely.

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