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Due to the pandemic of 2020, you’ve probably found it challenging to find meaningful ways to connect with other professionals.

We’re no longer bumping into our colleagues in the office, and meetups and physical events were stripped from our weekly routines.

To fill the void, a hodgepodge of “band-aid fix” solutions have surfaced (cue your Zoom happy hour or snoozefest webinar).

One area we’ve seen almost hit the mark has been hyperlocal chat forums or Slack communities. These Slack groups that are usually “Bigger City” based are popping up left and right and becoming more and more popular. (Heck you’re probably already a part of one yourself!)

These are great messaging platforms to meet others in your area, and you might join a few channels that coincide with your interests (eg. jobs, tech events, etc.).

In the early stages of joining these communities, you may have been lucky enough to have a meaningful interaction or two with someone who joined a shared channel with you. However, with no set criteria for joining, these Slack communities can quickly become over-saturated with an overwhelming number of members who dilute the quality of the interactions and eventually create a backlog of commentary impossible to keep up with.

We asked ourselves, wouldn’t it be more valuable if these communities were intentional in qualifying each member before they joined?

Perhaps probing your specific interest/skills, and most importantly your objectives before joining?

Lastly what if you were offered opt-ins to be connected with fellow members who could satisfy those exact objectives on why you joined in the first place?

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