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Many students in the DC metro area are interested in technology startups. They want to learn to program. But, they don’t all have access to educators, mentors, and information about what being a software engineer is like. If you’re a software engineer working at a startup in the DMV, this is an opportunity to connect with middle and high-school age students.

Would you like to:

  • come to a school to talk about the work you do?
  • have a student shadow you at work?
  • give a presentation at work about software engineering?
  • become a mentor for a student interested in software engineer?



DEAcademy provides opportunities to connect with students at locations throughout the DMV metro region. They encourage volunteers to create opportunities to bring students to their offices. They also facilitate classroom teaching.


DEAcademy is a nonprofit organization giving middle and high-school students from the DC metro area opportunities to:

– find mentorship from software engineers
– shadow programmners and engineers at work
– learn from programmers and engineers

DEAcademy also connects students with professionals in other STEM fields. DEAcademy’s goal is to give students the opportunity to learn about and engage with technology and science.