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Meetup Groups and Events

DC’s tech Meetup groups are always looking for speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and host locations. If you are interested in volunteering your time to help out at a Project Night or give a presentation on programming, Meetups are a great option. You can also sponsors events, or provide office space for Meetup groups to meet in.

The DC metro area has many different Meetup groups built around programming languages, data science, diversity in tech, and more. Meetup events range in size from a few people to hundreds. They generally meet on weekday evenings for a combination of food, drink, and networking (usually provided by a sponsor) followed by a 45 minute presentation by a local engineer or technical founder.


Meetup groups and events gather all over the world. There are hundreds in the DC metro area. That’s why hatchpad created a Meetup search tool on our Community page. We recommend using it to find upcoming tech events near you. We only feature active, tech and programming-oriented groups in the DC, MD, VA metro area.


company describes itself as “a platform for finding and building local communities.” Users join (or create) groups centered around topics or activities that interest them. Group organizers post events and activities, and group members sign up to attend.

Some of the most popular and active Meetup groups in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) area center around programming languages.

There are different types of tech meetup events, including project nights, lightning talks, and hackathons. Engineers learning Python can get help with a project at a DC Python Meetup Project Night. Go users can join GoLang DC for events and presentations on building with Go.

One of most popular formats is a combination networking event and educational presentation.

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