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1. Search DC area startups by tech stack and remote work policy.

Ever wanted to know what startups were building with Python in NoVa? We’re building a curated list of the most innovative and exciting startups in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area. Search startups by programming language.



2. Find relevant, local, active tech events near you.

Search tech Meetups by programming language and DC metro area region, or find events focused on topics like Diversity in Tech. Our curated list features only the most active and interesting groups, so you don’t have to waste time searching through Meetup.com.




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3. Show off your personal projects and side hustles.

Are you building something just because you’re passionate about it? Got a web or mobile app, platform, or software tool in need of users or testers? Want to find local contributors for an open source project?



4. Join livestreamed Tech Meetups and Webinars

Get in touch with local technical founders and engineering team leaders as they share tips on technical strategy and teach you how they’re building innovative products. We help organize and sponsor local programming language Meetup events. If you can’t attend in person, check out our livestreams and webinars where you can learn, network, and ask questions.


5. Learn how DC’s startups build their tech and their teams.

We interview local technical founders, CTOs, engineering team leads, and educators about technical strategy, product roadmapping, and tech team-building. Our goal is to provide exclusive, must-have tips for developers aspiring to scale software startups.



6. Never get underpaid again. Get DC Startup data and tech trends.

You won’t find this info anywhere else. We draw on surveys from local software engineers to discover all sorts of trends, from which skillsets pay the most, to which new programming languages developers want to learn next.



7. Find local nonprofits and volunteer opportunities for developers.

We reached out to local tech nonprofits to find out where you can use your tech skillset to volunteer as a mentor, educator, or contributor in the DC metro area.


8. Keep up-to-date and connected.

DC startup news, trends, new insights, quick hits, and more – weekly.


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Stay up to date with what DC area software startups and developers are building.

Get curated, weekly quick-hits on new projects, startups, events, and commentary from local technical teams.