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Companies are embracing remote work. Does that mean employees can live a...

New research by hatch I.T. shows how far from headquarters companies are hiring. Prior to the pandemic, anyone on the East Coast who aspired to join a tech company had few choices. New York City was number one, followed by an array of what Rise of the Rest calls “emerging startup ecosystems” like Washington D.C. […] 

How This Startup Built a Scalable and Secure Data Center from the Ground Up

Choosing a data center and network design is one of the biggest factors in a startup’s ability to grow in the future. Yet networking is one of the most overlooked areas of a company. Until something goes wrong of course. Then suddenly everyone’s aware of it. So how do you build a data center that […] 

Forget Productivity – What will Lockdowns Mean for Creativity?

For Product Managers, creativity is more important than productivity, warns one of Tech’s top Product Management gurus.  There are a football and a UC Berkley baseball cap on top of a row of lockers behind Ben Foster. When he gestures at them, his right wrist comes into view on my laptop screen. I lean closer. […] 

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