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This Startup Would Like to Help You Recycle Right

Have you ever approached a set of recycling and trash bins, stood in confusion for a few moments, then just guessed where to throw your item away? You’re not alone. Only 9% of global plastic is recycled. And less than 20% of recyclable material in the United States actually gets recycled. But knowing what to […] 

Scaling Python Web Applications: AsyncIO vs Threads

The following insight was written by Nathan Van Gheem, Principal Platform Engineer at Onna. It started with a tweet I can’t stress enough what a bad idea it is to build out a database application architecture on top of a non-blocking IO approach, that is, asyncio, eventlet, gevent, etc. 1/ — mike bayer (@zzzeek) May […] 

Technical Interviews: What to Expect and How to Prepare

The technical interviewing process is difficult. A phone screen is typically the “gateway” into the interviewing process. After that, interviews can go in several directions. If you’re looking to make a career change, you might wonder what to expect when applying for a technical role. To learn more about the process, we spoke with Ali […] 

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