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hatchpad is an online community platform where startup technologists from emerging tech markets come to network, learn, and advance in their careers.

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This community includes:

Increase awareness of side projects, get feedback from other engineers, collaborate on open-source projects.

Tech events & volunteer opportunities  
Improve technical skillsets, grow your professional network, and hear how speakers are building products and solving programming challenges.

Hear from local thought leaders about a variety of topics – from technical career advice to choosing a tech stack.

Get an original look into innovative startups in emerging tech markets, including their tech stacks, products, technical leadership, and more.

Search for startup engineering jobs based on tech stack, remote-work options, salary, and more.

We’re always looking for contributors and feedback.

About hatch I.T.

hatch I.T. is a specialized technology consulting firm connecting software, product, and data engineers with tech startups in emerging tech markets. We offer customized models that transform the way early-stage and high-growth startups scale. Our flagship programs include:

  • Scale – flexible and affordable technical recruiting services for startups
  • Stride – technical strategy and consulting for early-stage startups
  • hatchpad

If you’re a startup looking to grow your startup team, or an engineer looking for a career at an innovative tech company, connect with hatch I.T. today – email info@hatchit.io.

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