Ambassador Program

The hatchpad is a local online platform for engineers & startups in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area. We share insights from local technical leaders, projects from engineers in the area, nearby technical meetups, and open engineering/product roles from startups in the DMV.

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Your Referrals so Far

We want to grow our community of software engineers in the area. We’d like to offer the following rewards in exchange for promoting the hatchpad with your network of engineering, product, and data focused friends.

Every referral helps hatchpad become a better resource for the DC tech community. If you know founders, developers, or anyone who wants to tell the story about what they’re building – become a hatchpad ambassador!

Referrals are based on a point system:

+1 points for an email signup using your unique referral code
+5 points for getting a local engineer to contribute a project to the hatchpad

The rewards:

1 point: hatch IT, hatchpad sticker bundle
3 points: hatchpad Koozie
5 points: hatch IT “hatchy” tshirt
10 points: hatch IT beanie

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