DevOps and the Four Key Metrics

A Hatchpad Huddle in partnership with Black Code Collective

Tuesday, February 16, 12:00PM – 1:00PM EST

Join the engineering community for a virtual round table about four key metrics that set apart elite DevOps teams.

After years of research and data from over 30,000 professionals, the DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) team identified four key metrics that separate elite teams. In this talk, David Hodge, Google Cloud Certified Architect, will discuss the four key metrics and one way to measure them. More importantly, we will discuss how organizations can adopt the mindset of measuring the metrics and potential pitfalls.

About the Speaker:

David Hodge is an independent consultant at Lucid Technics. He helps enterprises modernize through culture, strategy, and technology. As a Google Cloud Certified Architect, he guides enterprises on the adoption of the Google Cloud Platform. However, David embraces the multi cloud approach and is comfortable with any cloud.  David’s interest in software came from learning to program BASIC in elementary school and writing code on his Commodore 64. He is also a frequent speaker on creating scalable software, modernizing enterprise software, and DevOps. In David’s spare time  he is a martial artist, soccer player, and reluctant runner. Most important of all he enjoys spending time with his daughter, son, wife, and dog.

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