Performance Optimization in Python


This presentation was a part of a Lightning Talk presented by DC Python.

This talk covers some recent work around improving the performance of an AWS IAM policy analyzer in one of new products. While still under development, we found that we were lagging way behind in terms of how long it took our analyzer to complete for large datasets and knew that there were some optimizations to be had. Nadia dives into how she used cprofile to identify the areas of code that needed improvement and talk about the refactoring that was and the performance that we gained.

About the Presenter

Nadia Mounzih has been a backend engineer at Divvy Cloud since 2017. She picked up programming on the side while doing a gap year in Thailand and loved it. While at Divvy Cloud, she’s had experience in AWS, Azure, and GCP. Python is her language of choice but she’s always up for learning something new. Her favorite thing about programming is that feeling when you have a breakthrough after being stuck on a problem for a long time. In her free time, she does yoga, plays on local soccer teams, and is on a perpetual search for good Mexican food in DC.

The Slides

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The Recording

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