💼 Security | 🗓️ Founded in 2016 | 💲 Series B | 💵 $47.9M
👥 51-100 Employees | 📍 Partially Remote

About Adlumin

What you can’t see poses the greatest risk to your organization. Your exposures lurk in the cloud, hybrid environments, and the darknet. There are countless gaps where threats can hide before they lead to business disrupting events like ransomware shutdowns or massive data breaches.   

Adlumin Inc. is a patented, cloud-native Security Operations Platform plus Managed Detection and Response Services. The platform focuses on advanced cyber threats, system vulnerabilities, and sprawling IT operations to command greater visibility, stop threats, reduce business risk, and automate compliance. The command center for security operations, Adlumin leverages powerful machine learning, identifies critical threats, orchestrates auto-remediation system updates, and provides live continuous compliance reporting. Don’t let your IT organization be caught in the dark.    

Illuminate Threats, Eliminate Risks, and Command Authority with Adlumin.    

Technical Leadership Team

Jeet Dutta

Director of Data Science
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Dan McQuade

Vice President of Engineering
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Tech Stack


  • Python

  • Ruby

What They're Building

Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform is your command center for security operations. Adlumin illuminates the threats that would have otherwise gone unseen in the lead-up to a massive attack. Our cloud-native, patented serverless platform leverages powerful machine learning to identify critical threats, automates remediation rules and systems updates, and provides live continuous compliance reporting. Our platform is backed by an expert team delivering 24×7 human insights, threat hunting, and the trusted support that larger security companies can no longer offer.

The Adlumin platform was designed to give you managed detection and response capabilities out of the box, without complex add-ons or pricing gotchas. We include advanced features and capabilities that are on and ready to enhance your security operations on day one.

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