City/Region: Pittsburgh


Funding Series: -
Employees: 0-10
Engineers: Unknown
Year Founded: 2017
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About the Company

Allvision IO specializes in providing high definition, time-based asset inventories for infrastructure, mobility, and transportation by harnessing the power of machine learning and computer vision. By combining data generated from autonomous vehicles, GIS mapping platforms, and satellite/aerial imagery, Allvision is able to create and monitor rich geo-spatial models of key infrastructure assets and environments that are available on demand. Whether customers are looking to improve vehicle turnover in high traffic commercial zones, monitor vegetation encroachment on power lines, or service and maintain assets inventories, Allvision can help.

How have they adapted to COVID? 

Allvision has switched to remote working for all employees due to the COVID outbreak. They have, however, continued reaching out to agencies and businesses to promote their offering; they haven’t slowed down and are predicting a successful quarter!

Product Description and Tech Stack

Allvision Beacon is a high-definition, interactive, digital copy of city infrastructure, rail, or road network. Customers across a wide range of industries can access Beacon via any modern web browser and/or via API. Beacon’s web app provides a rich set of tools and analytics for answering questions about the data – compare to existing inventories, report on discrepancies, analyze change over time, assess clearances, and much more.

Tech Stack


  • AWS

  • C++

  • Docker

  • JavaScript

  • MongoDB

  • Node.JS
  • Python

  • React

  • Tensorflow

Technical Leadership Team



Head of Engineering & Co-Founder
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Work Policy and Location

Work Policy: Fully Remote

6101 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206, USA