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About ARInspect

ARInspect was founded in 2017, after the drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan took the national stage in 2014. During the crisis, lead poisoning among Flint citizens doubled, leaving over 100,000 residents exposed to dangerous levels of lead. Plus an estimated 8,000 children under the age of 6 were exposed to potentially brain-altering levels. Our world faces greater and more complex environmental, health and safety challenges that go well beyond Flint, Michigan. ARInspect built a way to meet these challenges head-on, and keep our communities safer.

Since launching, ARInspect has quickly grown to become an award-winning automated Augmented RPA Platform for EHS. With features including smart scheduling & dispatch, dynamic inspection checklists, automated workflows, and much more, using ARInspect has been discovered to increase workers time in the field by 50% and increase number of inspections/inspector by 25%. The platform keeps communities safer and businesses thriving through data insights and next-generation technologies made easy and efficient, once and for all.

What They're Building

ARInspect offers the world’s first Augmented RPA Platform for EHS. Providing actionable data insights and next-generation technology applications, resulting in safer communities across the world, some of the data insights include:

• Increases productivity and resource use

• Delivers process and data capture consistency

• Reduces brand risk exposure

• Ensures regulatory compliance & industrial hygiene/safety

• Lowers operational costs

• Increases asset, equipment, and facility availability

• Provides for safer communities

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