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About Blackpoint Cyber

Blackpoint Cyber is a technology-focused cyber security company headquartered in Maryland, USA. The company was established by former US Department of Defense and Intelligence cyber security and technology experts. Leveraging its real-world cyber experience and knowledge of malicious cyber behavior and tradecraft, Blackpoint provides cyber security products and services to help organizations protect their infrastructure and operations.

CEO Jon Murchison shares about the origins and evolution of Blackpoint Cyber.

Technical Leadership Team

Mike Taldo

VP of Software Engineering
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Nathan Koterba

VP of Product and Integrations
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Tech Stack


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What They're Building

The company’s proprietary security operations and incident response platform, SNAP-Defense, is available as a product or as a 24×7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. SNAP-Defense is the only product on the market that alerts on privileged user activity, giving analysts the ability to detain an infected asset before the hacker is able to complete their mission. It features a live network map of Cisco, Juniper, endhost, server, mobile, and IoT devices. It also includes Operational Technology (OT), Building Automation Systems (BAS), and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) asset discovery and mapping (with NICOS).

Check out the SNAP-Defense Platform’s capabilities.

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Mission Statement

Blackpoint’s mission is to provide effective, affordable real-time threat detection and response to organizations of all sizes around the world.