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About BrightHive

Founded in 2017, BrightHive is focused on helping organizations, networks, & communities securely and responsibly link their data. Building and supporting open source interoperable data infrastructure, they provide social change organizations with strong data governance tools to help them collect, integrate, and share data more effectively and securely to inform interventions and collaborations that directly impact the lives of the individuals that they serve.

How is BrightHive adapting to COVID-19? 

BrightHive is helping governments, social service agencies and nonprofits quickly and responsibly share data with one another to better enhance and coordinate their efforts in meeting the needs of those impacted by COVID-19, specifically those who are seeking employment and training opportunities, emergency childcare and other support services.

Technical Leadership Team

Micaela Stump

Senior Product Manager
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Tech Stack


  • AWS
  • Python

  • React

What They're Building

BrightHive Data Trusts

A BrightHive Data Trust provides the legal, governance, and technical framework that empowers networks of organizations to securely connect their data sources and create new, shared data resources.

What can a BrightHive Data Trust do?

When two or more organizations seek to solve similar problems, each organization benefits when they are able to make specific data available to one another.

How are they building this technology?

BrightHive data trusts utilize open source technology that is freely available to individuals and organizations to view, edit, and use. This eliminates the need for organizations to purchase or adopt a new system in order to participate. The application programming interface (API) used to connect to each organization’s data system(s) and the extraction, transfer, and load (ETL) algorithms used to pull data into the data trust can be used on their existing data system(s) without significant disruption to existing structures and procedures and without additional burden on staff or partners. Keep reading about how BrightHive is responsibly building data trusts…