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About CareerGig

CareerGig is building the world’s best freelance and benefits marketplace for the rapidly expanding and dynamic gig economy. Their platform is built using blockchain and other technologies to help them ensure that they have the highest quality talent and companies involved along with the best possible data integrity and security. Trust and security are the two core tenets on which they are built.

As their tagline says, CareerGig believes that “choosing both” is not only possible but necessary. With a mission to provide trust and security to both freelancers and companies that hire them, they are thrilled at the opportunity to contribute to the sustainable growth of the gig economy. In their vision of the gig economy, freelancers don’t have to compromise between prospering financially and living the lifestyle of their choice. By providing this for their freelancers, they will be making available the best possible candidates to companies, offering them the high-quality work and stability they want and deserve. CareerGig embraces the concept of a win-win for all its audiences and works to build a better version of their platform every day.

Tech Stack


  • Node.JS

  • React

What They're Building

CareerGig is building a marketplace that connects freelancers from many types of industries with companies that hire them. Additionally, their platform offers those freelancers health, financial, and other benefits that are comparable to those of a full-time job. They are building their background verification and reputation system using blockchain technology to provide a more sophisticated framework to enable companies to hire trusted contractors.

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