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About careMESH

careMESH was founded by a physician who was driven to improve the state of healthcare communications. The technological capabilities exist, EHR adoption is nearly universal, and other industries have proven that secure and efficient data exchange can be a reality.

Their services are designed to efficiently allow hospitals and health systems, large physician groups, and other healthcare organizations to communicate how they need to, while maintaining complete control over when and where patient information is shared and maintain data privacy policies, while easing the reliance on outdated tools such as fax and phone calls.

They are proud of how much they’ve achieved with such a small team, but that is a reflection of their skills and experience. careMESH is already an extraordinary solution set, and few can believe that such a lean team has built it. Their secret? a clear vision, focus, hard work, and use of the very latest software development tools.

All careMESH personnel are hired on the basis of their ability to perform acceptable work. This is done by comparing the candidate’s resume, experience, application, etc. against the job description requirements. New employees for careMESH undergo employee orientation, which includes ISO 9001 training, training on the Quality Policy, and Security Awareness Training.

The Team:
Peter Tippett is the CEO. He is an MD, Ph.D. with a technology passion and more than meets the definition of a successful serial entrepreneur. He founded the first commercial antivirus company, which was sold to Symantec and became Norton antivirus. He also set up and sold an EHR company before EHRs were fashionable and built a string of information security companies, including CyberTrust which was sold to Verizon, where he became Chief Medical Officer.

Justin Sims is the President and COO. He is a technology operator who has had 30 years of experience in communications and healthcare communications. He was President of AT&T Global Services in the early 2000s before becoming CEO of a disease surveillance company which he transitioned to become the leader in text-based health messaging (Voxiva). The company was sold to Wellpass/ Welltok when he joined forces with Peter.

Check out their leadership team and Board of Advisors:

Technical Leadership Team

Tech Stack


  • Google Cloud Platform

  • Kubernetes

  • Node.JS

  • Postgres

What They're Building

careMESH was founded three years ago and spent the first two years building a highly advanced technology platform. Their services solve the common challenges caused by disparate hospital, health system and other healthcare provider systems, which have hampered the efficiency and ease of patient data exchange. The innovative careMESH platform leverages established national standards and technologies, making rapid and cost-effective deployment possible. To achieve this, they have built a complex medical communications system which includes the following components:

1) A FHIR-based directory of medical providers
2) A custom email-based messaging system
3) A custom instance messaging system
4) Patient record management
5) Interfaces to any existing EHRs

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