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About CertiPath

The next wave of systems security measures will not come from deeper analysis of network traffic or content, it will instead evolve from a better understanding of WHO we are allowing to access our assets. User and systems identity is the key to trusted access. CertiPath has been designing, analyzing, and validating the use of identity credentials for security conscious clients for over a decade.

We’re all about Trust. Knowing if you can trust the person (or device) entering your network or if you can trust the person that enters any door in your facility. Through Trust, you can protect your people and assets. We are experts in software and services for high assurance digital identity verification and management.

Our Values

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What They're Building

CertiPath’s Trust-family of Identity Security products was designed to address the gap left by network security solutions and expose the threats posed by intruders intent on bypassing traditional security infrastructure under the guise of a trusted identity.

TrustVisitor®  –  Managing Visitors

Many organizations struggle to implement a uniform visitor authorization process and policy. A visit request and authorization workflow is critical element leading into the provisioning of a visitor credential. CertiPath’s TrustVisitor® provides this capability and much more.

TrustMonitor™ Provides Continuous Monitoring of the Trust Network

TrustMonitor™ delivers continuous monitoring of the trust network both inside and outside an enterprise network is necessary to ensure that the credentials being used are not only valid, but also not being used in a way that would indicate misuse.


TrustVal™, the latest offering in the CertiPath TrustSuite™, is a highly sophisticated PACS interface to CertiPath’s cloud-based credential validation platform. TrustVal™ provides a single network location to answer all validation queries for all credentials within a trust federation such as the Federal Government. When paired with TrustMonitor™, it can provide this same validation for internal credential authorities serving local trust credentials, non-person entities, and IoT devices.

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Mission Statement

CertiPath develops and promotes ground-breaking technologies and services that enable high assurance credentials in support of the role identities play in Network Security. Knowing who is in your network and that they have been validated is a cornerstone of Cyber Security.

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