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Many years and another company ago, the idea of ChurnZero began as an ongoing discussion between our two founders – You Mon Tsang, Chief Executive Officer, and Mark Keys, Chief Technology Offer. At the time, You Mon and Mark wanted to know more about their customers – what was happening with them, how they could understand them better, and how they could improve renewal rates. So, they decided to take their decades of software entrepreneurship and start ChurnZero with the mission of bringing Customer Success everywhere, and an ambitious goal of zero customer churn.

We recently asked our team how they would define the ChurnZero culture, and why they love working here. Here’s what they had to say we’re about:

Results: Process and procedure never impede our progress. We keep our work and communication simple, so we can fail fast and accomplish more.

Community: Our strong sense of community is what sets us apart. We prioritize meaningful connections, thoughtful feedback, and authentic relationships.

Ownership: We have a strong sense of autonomy and empower ourselves and others to take initiative and see things through.

Being Real: We value truth over fluff. The real over the imagined. We always tell it like it is.

Grit: Our team is small but nimble. Our passion for Customer Success drives us to persevere when obstacles hinder our success.

Wit: We find humor in the mundane and thrive on our team providing comic relief to complement our focus.

We recently revamped our onboarding process to be more robust. Some of the new program highlights include an onboarding buddy program, meet the department meetings, and new hire surveys to ensure the new employee has everything they need to be successful at ChurnZero.


ChurnZero is building a real-time analytics platform to detect customer churn and provide tools to engage with customers in an effective and meaningful way. SaaS companies are realizing the cost of acquiring a new customer is 5 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. ChurnZero addresses this problem with a real-time customer success platform that helps businesses understand their customer’s product usage, assesses their health and gives business the means to manage the customer experience.

ChurnZero is built for teams in the emerging and more important than ever, the Customer Success industry. Their unique ability to streamline product usage data and deliver in-app communications, and their high customer satisfaction ratings set them apart from others.


COVID Location Update: ChurnZero’s office office remains open in Washington, DC for anyone who would like a change of scenery from their home office. However, the majority of their team is still working from home. They’re following state guidelines for re-opening, and hope to invite the team back in a limited capacity in the upcoming months.
ChurnZero’s office is located within the WeWork Midtown Center in Washington, DC, and offers a variety of amenities including a full-service gym and locker room including peloton bikes and towel service, bike storage, collaboration areas, and weekly activities. They also have a remote work policy.


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How is your company or product adapting?

We had a robust remote work program offering prior to the pandemic which allowed us to very easily transition to being fully remote for the time being and will also allow us to return to work more easily. In this program, employees work on a rotating schedule, where they come into the office 2-4 times a week and are able to work from home the rest of the time. This hybrid model has been very effective in finding a balance between in-office and remote work.

To keep our team engaged while remote, we’ve hosted weekly virtual events including a game night, meme/Giphy war, a Zoom background contest with extra points being awarded for themed costumes, and even a haiku battle where you describe your workweek or the current situation.

Most recently, we hosted a virtual Ideafest where we split everyone into teams to brainstorm and present an idea that we should implement in the next 90 days that have a direct impact on our customers and/or prospective customers. Our team came up with so many great ideas that each department is now implementing one.

During this unforeseen time, we remain focused on the development of our product and are continuing to expand this team. We took the opportunity to re-prioritize our product roadmap to ensure we were providing the most value to our customers’ current needs during this time. We also increased our communication and provided more insight into what’s coming later this year so we can build momentum and excitement about the future of ChurnZero for both our team and our customers.

Do you have any open positions?

We’re always looking for talented Software Engineers and QA Engineers.


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