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About Crossbeam

It’s an exciting time at Crossbeam. Just a year and a half post-launch, there are hundreds of companies using their platform, they just secured $25M in Series B funding, and are working with awesome strategic investors like Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, and Okta. Best of all, they’re just getting started.

In a market full of uncertainty, they are fortunate to have an unwavering long-term vision and the funding to see it through at full speed. With their big ideas come some fun and unique technical challenges: They’re like a social network for data warehouses, so the data gets big and their results need to show up fast; they need to reliably find “matches” between data sets originating from different systems; they need their users to love the experience and capture real value every step of the way; security and trust are paramount. And there’s more where that came from.

Their small-but-mighty (and rapidly growing) team of experienced engineers is taking their software from early success to enterprise scale.

Technical Leadership Team

Buck Ryan

Co-Founder and CTO
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Tech Stack


  • AWS

  • Clojure

  • Kubernetes

  • Postgres

  • Redis

  • Terraform

  • Vue

What They're Building

Crossbeam is the world’s first partner ecosystem platform. They act as a data escrow service that finds overlapping customers and prospects with partners while keeping the rest of their customers’ data private and secure.

Their engineers are constantly improving the platform. Check out their past and upcoming product releases.

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