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About Cybrary

Cybrary’s mission is to close the security skills gap. Their workforce and career development platform enables teams and individuals to keep pace with the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. They were named by Forbes as one of America’s Best Startup Employers.

Tech Stack


  • AWS

  • JavaScript

  • Node.JS
  • Python

  • React

What They're Building

Cybrary is building a security enabled workforce. Companies need to hire (and retain) more trained practitioners than are available and leaders need insights into their teams’ strengths and weaknesses. Cybrary’s platform addresses this by bringing together cybersecurity leaders, practitioners, novices, instructors, mentors, and hands-on training and assessment vendors. By aligning their content to careers, they enable individuals to gain the skills they need to start or advance their careers. Security leaders can assess and address the skill gaps of their teams and provide team members with content aligned to career paths within their organization.

What tech stack are they building with? 

JavaScript, React, Node, PHP, Laravel, Python, and many AWS services

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