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About FiscalNote

FiscalNote is leading the world in government technology by introducing unprecedented analytics to government data which empowers businesses to make smarter decisions. This global technology and media company focused on delivering timely and relevant policy information in a complex and evolving world. More than 4,000 clients worldwide rely on FiscalNote for policy news & analysis, tracking, stakeholder management, collaboration and advocacy tools.

Technical Leadership Team

Christopher Lafferty

Chief Product Officer & SVP, Research & Development
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Tech Stack


  • AWS

  • Node.JS
  • Python

  • Ruby

What They're Building

FiscalNote is a platform that aggregates and analyzes government data using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and beautiful design.

FiscalNote Core Platform is the #1 premier issues management system. It allows users to pursue the opportunities and mitigate the risk arising from legislation and regulation.

Every organization is different. FiscalNote’s patented issues management platform provides flexible tools for users to keep their information in one place, without forcing them to change the way they work.