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Founded In 2012


ForAllSecure was founded on the mission to make the world’s software secure. Utilizing patented technology from a decade of research at Carnegie Mellon University, ForAllSecure delivers an advanced fuzz testing solution. Fortune 1000 companies in aerospace, automotive, and high-tech partner with ForAllSecure for scalable, autonomous security testing that keeps pace with increasing development speeds and deployment frequencies. DARPA deemed ForAllSecure the winner in the Cyber Grand Challenge, and MIT Technology Review named ForAllSecure in the 50 Smartest Companies list. Efficiently and effectively secure critical software with ForAllSecure.


Mayhem is an advanced security testing solution that builds on tried-and-true guided fuzz testing techniques. By combining fuzzing with the ingenuity of symbolic execution, Mayhem continuously and intelligently tests applications with unprecedented speed, scale, and accuracy. Now, organizations can dramatically reduce manual testing efforts with autonomous defect detection and validation.

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