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About Gecko Robotics

Gecko Robotics, founded in Pittsburgh in 2013, uses revolutionary robotic technology to enhance infrastructure integrity via comprehensive inspections. Each year over $100B is spent to maintain the critical infrastructure that serves our world, inspections being a critical component. Using robots keeps workers away from hazardous environments and provides orders of magnitude better data coverage than traditional methods, especially in hard-to-reach areas. The data allows the owner to better diagnose equipment damage and predict future life. This results in better-targeted maintenance, lower costs, more up-time, and, most importantly, fewer deaths and injuries.

How have they adapted to COVID?

As the world responded to a global COVID-19 pandemic and implemented measures to keep humans safe, Gecko Robotics committed to being available during times of uncertainty for companies running critical infrastructure. While many could turn to remote work in order to stay productive, essential power and energy companies had to stay running with increased pressures on their workforce. Ensuring integrity and maintaining high-risk assets during times of crisis demands deeper strategies and preventative measures. Humans themselves tend to be the biggest resource in terms of planning, inspection, and maintenance. However, when humans become the most at-risk resource, we turn to technology to help simplify and enable jobs to get completed. Robotic technologies supported by smaller worker footprints lend reliability in times of social distancing and illness. Gecko’s technology and approach have consistently lowered the need for large crews during inspections and outages by 75%, needing only 2 humans per robot versus teams of 10 or more inspectors for traditional methods. Robotic technologies are impervious to disease and illness therefore are not only an efficient solution but a necessary one in these perilous times.

Technical Leadership Team

Ed Bryner

Director Of Engineering
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Tech Stack


  • JavaScript
  • Python

  • React

  • SQL

What They're Building

The team at Gecko Robotics builds industrial inspection robots that crawl metal infrastructure to take data on wall thickness and damage mechanisms, such as corrosion. They use Robots as a Service (RaaS) to collect massive amounts of data that is processed with ML algorithms to extract features of interest.

Take a look at a robotic inspection with Gecko’s robots.

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