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Greater DC Metro (DMV)
Founded In 2015

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At the core of HawkEye 360 is a strong team composed of leaders and experts from various fields, including space systems, software engineering, RF electronics, signals analysis, data science, and geospatial analytics. The company believes that iterative creativity and a collaborative approach is critical to driving innovation.


HawkEye 360 operates a first of its kind commercial satellite constellation. The constellation is comprised of a cluster of three satellites that fly in formation using a specially designed propulsion system. They use proprietary algorithms to process the radio frequency (RF) data generated by the satellites, including techniques such as Time-Difference of Arrival (TDOA) and Frequency Difference of Arrival (FDOA) techniques to geolocate signal emitters. The resulting first-order analytics provide insights about the spectral environment and emitter locations. HawkEye 360 maps each signal of interest along with an error ellipse, representing the calculated object location with 95% probability. By correlating multiple readings from the same emitter, it’s possible to improve accuracy and achieve results within 500 meters of the actual location. RF analytics helps fill critical knowledge gaps. HawkEye 360 operates in a secure cloud environment to support the massive processing requirements and manage big data production. The company provides an Application Programming Interface (API) to simplify ordering and delivery of RF analytics directly into customer systems.


DC headquarters are located nextdoor to companies like Booz Allen and Samsung, close to Dulles airport. They’re not far from the Aslin Beer Company brewery, Weird Brothers Coffee, and Crossfit Reston.

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