ICX Media

💼 | 🗓️ Founded in 2015 | 💲 -
👥 Unknown Employees | 📍 Partially Remote

About ICX Media

Michael Avon, Executive Chairman and Founder of ICX Media, spent more than 20 years in the digital marketing, tech, and analytics space. He founded ICX Media with the conviction that creativity, technology, and data complement each other.

The team uses data to uncover new ideas and ways of doing things. They call this philosophy “data inspired storytelling” and work towards “a day when machine learning and creativity combine in symbiotic harmony.”

Industry veteran Serge Matta joined the ICX Media team as CEO in 2019.

Tech Stack


  • Clojure

  • Kafka
  • Python

  • React

  • Redis

What They're Building

Online video and livestreaming have taken over much of the advertising space.

But how do you reach the right audiences watching the right videos? There are millions of videos and livestreams, each reaching a different audience.

ICX Media empowers media companies, brands, and agencies to find and connect with the audiences they are trying to reach. Their platform helps these companies better understand target audiences and reach them with a focused message.