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About was founded in 2010. The company’s original mission was focused on e-commerce. Specifically, aimed to make it easier for military service members to access the various special discounts and benefit programs available to them in the private sector. Many of the world’s largest brands offer discounts, freebies, or VIP experiences to military personnel as an expression of gratitude for their service. It is easy for an active duty service member to appear in uniform or show their military ID card to gain access to these programs in person. However, it is challenging to obtain the same level of benefits online. The founders of created a simple way for military personnel, veterans, and their families to verify their eligibility online. The process takes just a few minutes and can be completed using a phone, computer, and a few pieces of official documentation. has extended its product line to include online eligibility verification for groups such as first responders, teachers, students, nurses, college students, senior citizens, and in-state residents. now aims to be the world’s leading digital identity network empowering people to control their own information and to prove their credentials across all channels, online, call center, and in-person. They want to make the world a more trusted place by delivering the highest level of security with the least amount of friction at the lowest possible cost.

How has adapted to COVID-19?

With COVID-19, they implemented social distancing policies that allow all of their software engineers to work remotely. Under normal circumstances their engineers all come into the office daily to collaborate with their peers and enjoy the many perks they offer.’s on-boarding process has changed a bit since the pandemic started. While they’re experiencing explosive growth, they’re not able to have in-office orientation at this time. To make up for this, they have regularly scheduled training and information sessions multiple times per week to ensure new employees are able to learn about each segment of the organization and meet the team.

They also host virtual happy hours regularly so team members can interact in a less formal setting. has made it a priority to offer everyone a high level of interaction and attention during the pandemic. They want to make sure they’re providing a collegial, fun atmosphere even while they can’t come together in the office.

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What They're Building

What are they building? is a digital wallet for consumers to rapidly prove their identity credentials. Once a user has established an account and verified their identity, they never have to do so again at any website where is accepted – eliminating the need to create a new password and to repeatedly prove identity. Simply put, they have replicated the features of physical government IDs in a digital context. Verify your identity once, just like a one-time visit to the DMV, then take your identity with you via a Single Sign On to prove your identity easily at other websites. In addition to consumers, they work directly with federal government agencies, state and local governments, financial service companies and healthcare providers to assist in a number of identity verification needs.

What makes them unique? is the only federally certified identity provider in the US.  They adopted the NIST (The National Institute of Standards and Technology) standards for identity proofing and identity authentication at different assurance levels that are required and recognized by federal and state-level governments. is also the only vendor with “Virtual In-Person” proofing capabilities. This enables all populations that are typically excluded from credit reporting agency coverage, including international users, immigrants, young Americans, the unbanked, the homeless, healthcare providers at work, employees at work, to easily prove their identity via video-chat.

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